“Will Hartnett is a proven law enforcement leader in Austin.  During his career he has always fought for crime fighting legislation.  His Crown Jewel was achieving two new criminal courts in Dallas County.  We wholeheartedly endorse his re-election.”

Glenn White, President of the Dallas Police Association

“Representative Hartnett is one of the best legislators Dallas has ever sent to Austin.  Since he was first elected, he has voted against every tax increase proposed.  I urge everyone in District 114 to vote for Will Hartnett’s re-election and keep our strong, conservative voice in Austin.”

Ebby Halliday

Dallas Police Association
Farmers Employee & Agent PAC
MetroTex Association of Realtors
National Federation of Independent Business
Southwestern Research & Medical PAC
Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
Texas Academy of Family Physicians
Texas Alliance For Life
Texas Apartment Association
Texas Association of Business
Texas Hospital Association
Texas Medical Association
Texas Pharmacy Association
Texas Public Employees Association
Texas Association of Realtors
Texas Restaurant Association
Texas Right to Life
Texas Society of CPA’s
Texas State Rifle Association
Texas Young Conservatives
Texas Farm Bureau
Butch and Sara Abney
Ebby Halliday Acers
Greg Ackels
Larry Ackels
Craig and Marti Albert
James Alders
Carl Allen, Jr.
Rob and Monica Allyn
Sandy Ammons
Jan Hart Black
Jim and Kelly Bloodgood
Hon. Donna Blumer
Tom Bosworth
Alma Box
Nathan Brin
Ed and Sheila Bright
Deborah Brown
Chris Buehler
John and Dalene Buhl
Michael and Mary Burns
Pat and Roberta Burns
Byron Cain
Craig Callewart, MD
Renee Cameron
Hon. Danny Clancy
Cindy Clendenen
Mary Ann Collins
Stephen Collins
Bob and Louisa Cook
Pat Cotton
Steve Cotton
Jordan Cowman
Christina Melton and Nate Crain
Ellen and Randy Crim, MD
David Curtis
Don Daniel
Ellen Eisenlohr Dorn
Walter Evans, MD
David Folz
Marilyn and Ed Fulbright
Debbie Georgatos
John Gill, MD
Hon. Pat Guillot
Robert S. Hamer
Tillman Hein, MD
Joe and Sharon Huffman
Kenny and Kathy Kurtz
Hon. Ann Margolin
Richard Meditz
Robert and Maggie Murchison
Charles W. Nichol
Matthew G. Patrick
Larry Riel
Lynn Roppolo, MD
William and Gloria Rowell
William and Linda Russell
Hank Silver
Allan Shulkin, MD
Frank T. and Jill Smith
Rick Snyder, MD
Robert S. Stewart
Alan Tompkins
Elaine Travis
Mike Trussell
Hal Urschel, MD

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